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Transportation services


At present, transports of sperm, eggs and embryos are common. We are able to ensure transport of other human tissues and cells preserved in liquid nitrogen also.


The On-Road transport is a quick way of transporting samples on short and middle distances (up to 1500 km). This kind of transport can prevent complications with safety checks in airports and enables better scheduling of the sample transport. The transportation container can be completely filled with liquid nitrogen which provides for an absolute stable temperature of -196 °C.

This can be used in the sample vitrification technique which requires extremely fast freezing in liquid nitrogen. As samples preserved like this are of a minimum volume (in units of microlitres), their exposure to temperatures above -170 °C represents a very high risk, even for a short period of time.


One of the highest risks with reproductive cells is their exposure to X-ray radiation or unauthorized handling when opening the container. To minimize these risks our supervisor accompanies your samples throughout the whole time, both on road and air transportation and ensures that no such situation occurs. The container is never handed over to any third party and our appointed supervisor accompanies your consignment at all times. All of our supervisors are trained to assess the transport conditions and prevent any damage to the samples.

When transporting the cells by air, it is impossible to keep them directly in liquid nitrogen for the strict aviation safety rules. For this purpose we use transportation double-wall cryo containers made by the leading manufacturer Taylor-Wharton. They contain absorption material which is filled with liquid nitrogen in advanced timing so that the nitrogen can be absorbed. All unabsorbed liquid nitrogen must be removed. The container is not transported in the luggage compartment, but directly on board under our continuous supervision.


Our activities focus mainly on the European continent.

Why choose us?


    We are a sister company of the leading reproductive medicine clinic REPROFIT International. Being the worldwide recognized experts in the field of reproductive medicine, we understand the demands on the transport of samples, know the risks which can endanger the quality of human cells, and are able to prevent them.


    One of the biggest risks with reproductive cells involves their exposure to X-ray radiation or unauthorized handling while opening the container. Therefore the container is never handed to any third party. Your samples are accompanied by our supervisor throughout the whole period of time, on-road and air transport. The supervisor ensures that no undesired situation occurs.


    As we know the processes on the side of medical facilities, we can provide assistance above the framework of standard services. Should the preparation come to a standstill, we are able to offer a suitable solution for both shipping and receiving institutions to speed up communication and thus, the whole preparation process.


    We are in joint contact with the Health Ministries of European countries where we carry out transport. We have of a list of local emergency contacts and emergency plans ready to be used, so we can respond without delay, to any sort of complication that may occur during the transport (including customs declartion, accidents, etc.).