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About us and general information

Company REPROTRANS s.r.o. was established 2013 and specializes in the transport of reproductive cells necessary for the infertility treatment which applies methods of assisted reproduction.

We are the first company in the Czech Republic which was allowed to initiate its activities on the basis of a permit by the State Institute of Drug Control as a highly specialized transport company focusing on the transportation of human tissues and cells to be used with humans.


REPROTRANS is a sister company of the clinic of reproductive medicine REPROFIT International s.r.o. which has gained its renown for its well-developed donor program, and now ranks among the leading clinics in Europe.

As we had the chance to take a long-term observation of different means of transport used for the reproductive cells, in this branch we have known for many years the transportation of these very precious samples without any appropriate control mechanisms which such cells definitely deserve to have. At present, both Czech and European legislation require specific transport companies able to ensure the growing demands for the transportation of human cells.

As reproduction medicine professionals recognized worldwide, we understand the demands of transported samples during transport. We know the external risks that can threaten the quality of human cells and we are able to prevent them. The vitrification technique which requires extremely fast freezing in liquid nitrogen can serve as a good example. As samples preserved like this are of a minimum volume (in units of microlitres), their exposure to temperatures above -170 °C represents a very high risk, even for a short period of time.


We fully realize that the transport of human tissues and cells is a very sensitive issue. Although human sperm, eggs or embryos are nearly invisible to the human eye, they represent a huge potential, giving the chance to create a new life.


The transport of reproductive cells is based on keeping conditions as close as possible to liquid nitrogen. At this temperature the cell processes almost stops and the cells are able to survive these conditions for many years without any loss of quality. For this purpose we use transportation double-wall cryo containers made by the leading manufacturer Taylor-Wharton. The containers contain absorption material which is then filled with liquid nitrogen in advanced timing so that the nitrogen can be absorbed. The amount of liquid nitrogen in the container varies according to the individual means of transport:

For on-road transport completely filled transport containers are used. Absolute stability of the inner environment (-196 °C) and free of any deviations is ensured. The inner environment is stable for 25-30 days.

For air transport no liquid is allowed inside the container. All unabsorbed nitrogen is removed. The temperature can vary by up to 20 °C, depending on the ambient temperature. If properly handled, the inner environment can remain stable for up to 18 days.

The environment stability is measured in regular intervals in the course of the whole transport and evaluated at the end. The report is then submitted to both the shipping and receiving institutions so that they can assess whether the transportation conditions were met. Environment stability in the transport container is examined each year.

One of the highest risks with reproductive cells is their exposure to X-ray radiation. X-ray radiation has a negative impact on the DNA stability. If you imagine that it is only the one transported cell (sperm/egg) that will give the origin to the whole organism, this risk must be completely eliminated. Unfortunately, it is still common all over the world that the container with the transported sperm is exposed to X-ray checks by the security guards at the frontier. To minimize these risks our supervisor accompanies your samples throughout the whole time of transportation and ensures that no such situation occurs.

The expert guarantor of the company is Mgr. Vi­t Hubinka who has gained long-term experience in the field of reproduction medicine, and is also the head of laboratories of the biggest clinic for infertility treatment in the Czech Republic, REPROFIT International.


We are able to adapt to the requirements of clients and specification of samples in the maximum possible way. We transport the samples in the quarantine, positive or vitrified samples. We approach everyone entirely individually and also we are able to ensure express delivery. Every transport is unique for us and we are willing to advise the shipping as well as receiving institution with the complicated administrative tasks.

Since we know the processes on the side of medical facilities, we can assist you above the frame of standard duties. If the preparation comes to a standstill, we will be able to offer a convenient solution for the shipping and receiving institution, speed up communication and the whole preparation stage.

We believe you will be fully satisfied with our services.

Mgr. Vit Hubinka
Mgr. Vit Hubinka
Expert Guarantor of Company

MUDr. Marek Koudelka
MUDr. Stepan Machac, Ph.D.
Company Executive

Why choose us?


    We are a sister company of the leading reproductive medicine clinic REPROFIT International. Being the worldwide recognized experts in the field of reproductive medicine, we understand the demands on the transport of samples, know the risks which can endanger the quality of human cells, and are able to prevent them.


    One of the biggest risks with reproductive cells involves their exposure to X-ray radiation or unauthorized handling while opening the container. Therefore the container is never handed to any third party. Your samples are accompanied by our supervisor throughout the whole period of time, on-road and air transport. The supervisor ensures that no undesired situation occurs.


    As we know the processes on the side of medical facilities, we can provide assistance above the framework of standard services. Should the preparation come to a standstill, we are able to offer a suitable solution for both shipping and receiving institutions to speed up communication and thus, the whole preparation process.


    We are in joint contact with the Health Ministries of European countries where we carry out transport. We have of a list of local emergency contacts and emergency plans ready to be used, so we can respond without delay, to any sort of complication that may occur during the transport (including customs declartion, accidents, etc.).